Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eco Friendly Holi colors to be promoted in Goa

With eco friendliness being the new age mantra of the youth as well as the alternative way of life for the conscious consumers of today, a move to promote eco friendly Holi colors in the state of Goa is welcomed by all.
The Rang Dulaar natural Holi colors were born out of a campaign by Kalpavriksh Pune to raise awareness and provide an alternative to the toxic colors used during the Rangapanchami or Holi festival celebrated across the country.
Made from a base of turmeric and devoid of any toxic chemicals, these colors are cent percent non-polluting and wash off easily. Available in five colors, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Black, these eco colors are soft on the skin and possess an aroma of turmeric too.
They are made by a group of women farmers that work with the Malnad Seed Collective in Karnataka and are then packaged by women prisoners of the Yerawada Central Prison, Pune. Thus the colors help both groups to earn a supplemental income and also help spread the message of an eco friendly and toxic free Holi.
Marketed throughout the country by eCoexist, an enterprise whose objective to encourage green initiatives in Indian festivals, the colors are being promoted in Goa by Earthworm, a new eco store that aims to promote green consumerism in the state.
The introduction of Rang Dulaar colors have been welcomed by all as it would cause minimal impact on the users as well as the immediate environment as they are totally made from natural material and thus are soil and plant friendly unlike the commercial Holi colors available in the market.
The Rang Dulaar Natural Holi colors are available on prior orders in packs of 250 gms and 500 gms.
For more details contact- Earthworm- 08322410871/09326107079 or email at

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Varun Gupta said...

Hey... Great posting on Holi. I am Varun from Kolkata and we celebrate 2 day Holi. One in 11th March for Bengali and another on 12th March for non-bengali. Check my blog for Holi Phagwa Doljatra 2009. Your comment on my Holi postings will be highly appreciated.