Monday, April 20, 2009

Earthworm opens...

Earthworm, an eco store conceptualized and created by two Goan entrepreneurs who believe in bridging the gap between thinking and living a sustainable lifestyle and promoting nature friendly ways for a greener environment opens on the 18th of April onwards from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm at Green Valley Porvorim Goa.

Roopa Bandekar, a sensitive nature lover, traveler and dog lover beyond compare, has spent time as a nature educator, environment research associate and ad person of yesteryears is one half of Earthworm, while Nirmal Kulkarni, widely known in wildlife circles as an ecologist is also a nature photographer and Applied artist and is the other half of the first of its kind store in Goa.
Together, they have conceptualized and started Earthworm, a green store that aims to provide environment friendly products and promote local crafts under one roof. The store also envisions itself spreading awareness on sustainable living practices in day to day living, besides bringing forth pertinent environmental concerns and the importance of sound conservation practices to general public through various activities and events.

Earthworm derives its name from the humble earthworm that we all know…a living being that lives beneath the soil and toils tirelessly for the earth’s benefit by churning good soil to great soil!
Here, at Earthworm, the concepts are similar…to start a silent and focused trend of helping consumers choose from a range of low impact, organic, recycled products that cause minimal impacts on our environs as well as help the local communities or individuals directly.

With an ambitious list of products up their sleeves, the duo has established a network of suppliers in self help groups products, local community craftsmen, grassroots innovators, hobbyists that create exclusive products, cottage industries, natural products, water and energy conservation products, sustainable foods, organic clothing, furniture, books, toys, films, basically everything underlining the theme sustainability for the love of our planet.

Earthworm does not limit itself to being only a store, it envisions itself to be a space for opinions, discussions, a knowledge hub with a small library of reference books on nature, and a recycling station as a part of its store space too.

Like our hero the earthworm, this is our small endeavor towards creating better soil for future generations.
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