Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vanamahotsav week program at Earthworm.

Plants play an important role not only in our ecosystem, but also in our daily lives. It is commonly understood that plants provide of oxygen, food to all life forms, and absorb pollutants. Little however is known about the ecological importance of indigenous species and the benefits of planting them not only to people but also to our local fauna. Planting exotic species in many urban as well as forest habitats in the state has resulted in alteration of habitats and loss of primary green cover.
On July the 5th, we welcome all nature lovers, tree huggers and green thinkers to our burrow at Green valley for a talk by Shri Rajendra Kerkar on ‘Indigenous Plants and Trees- their cultural and ecological significance’.
Shri Rajendra Kerkar, environmentalist and historian has written extensively on the role of plants and trees in our culture and ecology and has advocated plantation of local species across the state for over a decade. We at Earthworm want to carry this thought forward by organizing a talk of his knowledge and experiences on the subject.
The talk cum power point presentation is arranged at 5.00 pm -7.00pm at Earthworm, Green Valley, Alto Porvorim Goa and a limited number of indigenous plant saplings will be for sale.
For details contact- or call on 083224107871.

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anniemation001 said...

I have visited Goa and seen the destruction of habitat and incresing amounts of rubbish in the villages and forests alike. It is encumbant on us all and the local authorities to improve this situation before all is lost. I will be back in November photographing flora and fauna with a particular interest in birds. I am not knowledgable but find nature facinating and will do my best to encourage awareness of the need to conserve and look after the habitat of this wonderful part of the world. I would love to visit during the monsoon period but have not yet managed it. I must try harder. I will be staying in Assagao and would like to meet other people with similar interests in wildlife including flora and fauna in the area. Anne