Friday, November 13, 2009

WormTrails .......with Butterflies and Parag Rangnekar

It is the month of November and misty cool mornings are here to stay. Earthworm ecostore kicks off WormTrails…our monthly thematic walks to observe, understand and appreciate nature and its myriad wonders in our very own neighbourhood. The trails have been designed for adults and children alike who would love to learn a bit more about the plant and animal life they have always noticed and formed many curious questions about in their mind.
We all have always appreciated butterflies and know that they are important pollinators of plants and thus play an important role in our environment. but there is more….
What is a 'host' plant?, how does a butterfly find its way to one? what species of butterflies are common and which ones are not? how does a butterfly protect itself from its predators?how do we affect butterfly populations in our own neighbourhoods? ....…Earthworm invites you to look beyond the fluttering fragile beauty of a butterfly to understand its tenacious role in ecology.
Parag Rangnekar is the author of the widely popular field guide of Butterflies of Goa and also the state co-coordinator of the Goa Bird Conservation Network. He is also known amongst academic as well as conservation circles as a committed naturalist and wildlife photographer and has been instrumental in popularizing the hobby of butterfly watching in the state of Goa.
Parag will lead a trail that would start at Earthworm, the eco store at 8.00 am sharp and would culminate at 10.00 am after a walk in and around Green valley, a haven for butterflies. A talk and power point presentation on the Butterflies of Goa will also be taken for the participants at Earthworm from 10.30 am to 12.00 pm.
Date: 22nd November, 2009
Participation fee would be Rs. 100/-
Please register prior to the event either by email at or call us 08322410871.
We would request all participants to arrive 10 minutes before time for the walk. Do bring along your breakfast, Earthworm would provide tea and its famous kokum juice.

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