Monday, December 7, 2009

Green Xmas

Jingle bells jingle bells
Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to
Rejoice this Xmas in
A Green and natural way!
Earthworm Ecostore believes in celebrating festivals for the planet and its people…
We strive to bring to you products that are not only towards the sensitive to the environment but also support families that have little adding the value of your spirit of giving.
This year, adorn your breathing Christmas tree with beautifully created crochet decorations made by Earthworm in collaboration with Lacy Webs – a collective of under privileged women from Vasco. These delicate decorations are not designed to dumped after use and pay the women in the spirit of fair trade. We also have with us natural Beeswax Candles to light up your alter and your festivities!
Gifting exotic handmade and community supporting gifts is also an option you can explore at Earthworm which brings you products from across our country be it carved out pumpkin lamps, to our elephant dung stationary, to our earthen jewelry to sheep wool bags, to organic cotton tees. to palm crafted toys …to just name a few. You could even treat your Christmas tree with some vermin-compost available with us…
….With Earthworm, find new ways of giving!

Have a joyous Christmas and please! do reduce the packaging of your gifts.

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