Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Herpetofauna Data sheet workshop held

The Do Your Own Herpetofauna Data sheet workshop was conducted at Porvorim by Herpactive, an initiative started by herpetologist Nirmal Kulkarni with an endeavor to encourage the compilation of data on reptiles and amphibians in the state.

Participants from various walks of life including practicing vets, students of herpetology, eco tourism entrepreneurs, snake rescuers and wildlife enthusiasts participated in the 3-hour intense workshop and demonstration.

Nirmal Kulkarni, Goan herpetologist and ecologist emphasized the need to create and maintain data sheets, interpret data and use it for conservation purpose. He stressed upon the need for wildlife workers as well as enthusiasts to ensure that data collected reached the right channels for collation and interpretation, as this was as essential as collecting data.

Participants used various instruments like GPS systems, temperature and humidity meters, distance finders, etc and were also exposed to various forms of data sheets that are used by herpetologists for species and habitat surveys. A simple demonstration of a taxonomic data collection sheet as an Amphibian survey in a pond was also given.

According to Nirmal, Herpactive aims to promote the science of field herpetology by conducting walks, surveys, training workshops and field technique sessions for budding reptile- enthusiasts as well as laypersons who are in awe of these fascinating and yet lesser known creatures.

He further informed that a 3-hour ‘Tools of the Trade’ workshop will shortly be announced for reptile and amphibian enthusiasts that will teach and demonstrate the use of modern day tools and equipments used by herpetologists in research and studies.

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Nirmal Kulkarni.

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