Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working on unique plateau ecosystems called "Sadas"

Our work has always been that of baseline documentation as I have always believed that documentation helps create awareness as well as aids in action. "Sadas" or laterite plateaus in the Northen Western Ghats have been categorized as stoney wastelands in the past and have come under scrutiny fo researchers in the last decade or so, thanks to pioneering work by the likes of Dr Janarthanam of Goa University and Dr Aparna Watave of Pune. My work and that of my colleagues and team focusses on herpetofauna and their relationship with these plateaus. While research continues, we also encourage others to join us and support our work in these lesser known plateau ecosystems of the Northern Western Ghats of India.

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Aparna Watve said...

Thanks Nirmal, looking forward to seeing this one in full bloom. When should I come? Want to discuss long-term conservation plans with you.