Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our Solar lanterns project.

Our solar lanterns project at Hypnale Research station. We have chosen schools around Castle Rock area that are part of the Ansi Tiger reserve as there is no electricity here. This local school at Kuveshi village with 10 children is one of the remotest and is near the Hypnale Research station. The solar lanterns are being provided so that children can study at night.


paragmody said...

I would love to be more involved with this project. I work for a social enterprise SELCO,, and have recently relocated to Parra, Goa where I am working on waste to energy projects.



venu gopal said...

Prolightsystems Solar power is gradually finding its reliability in the existing times where the non-renewable sources of energy such as oil, non-renewable petrol, etc are decaying at a constant rate.

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Solar Energy said...

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Swathi said...

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