Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Discussions with Goa's Hon Forest Minister Smt Alina Saldhana on issues pertaining to Goa's forests.

It was a rare opportunity to discuss ground issues pertaining to eco tourism and biodiversity conservation with Hon Forest Minister of Goa, Smt Alina Saldhana and Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Shri Richard Dsouza, Conservator of Forests, Wildlife Shri Carvalho and others during their visit to Wildernest nature resort.
A presentation was made to the dignitaries about our work in the area in the past decade and the changing trends in the hinterlands of Goa as far as biodiversity was concerned. The Forest Minister was urged to look into long term solutions of human wildlife conflict in the state and to define guidelines for eco tourism in Goa's hinterlands.
The Hon Forest Minister opined that we should focus more on children for conservation education and should help in creating biodiversity registers in the state before traditional knowledge is lost. She expressed her commitment to conserve important tiger habitats in the state.
A copy of 'The Goan Jungle Book' and "Truth about Tigers" was presented to the Hon Forest Minister as part of the Global Tiger day campaign too.

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