Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Conservation Outreach Road trips 2014

A series of ‘Conservation Outreach Road trips’, through forest areas across Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra will be undertaken in the year 2014.

The primary aim of these road trips is to identify, motivate and engage with grass roots activists and conservationists whose silent work needs to be appreciated and further strengthened. 
Another purpose is to provide these identified individuals, groups and teams with basic equipment, field guides and share experiences about conservation as well as eco tourism.
While every trip will have a photographer, a writer and a researcher accompanying me, the trip will ensure that a detailed report and reality check is done on field issues that concern the forests of these states.
And finally of course, with the help of images, video shoots and journal entries and sketches, we will generate stories for popular as well as scientific interest.
At the end of the year, a ‘ Grass Roots Conservation database’ will be created to bring these silent workers on one platform so that their combined strength can inspire as well as …our own work.
You can join a trip too. Come be a part of the ‘Conservation Road trip’ journey and help make a difference…one step at a time.


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