Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chorla Ghats 'Do not Litter' campaign 2014

The beginning of the Do not litter Chorla Ghats campaign organised by Parye Patrakar Sangh had a good response- more importantly because like minded people from the media, Government officers from Forest Dept, Police and Excise, concerned MLA's and local youth leaders, environment activists and nature lovers from all walks of life stopped and supported our cause and understood the need for conservation of the Chorla Ghats region.Thank you Nilesh Shetkar Gopinath Gawas and Raghoba Lau Pednekar for organising this. let us keep the momentum in the weeks to come.

I appeal to our supporters, patrons, friends and well wishers…and all those who value wildlife, verdant forests and free flowing fresh water streams…to speak up, intervene, act and voice your opinion against littering of forest habitats in your neighbourhood green patch, a forest nearby or a Protected Area.

 Remember, every piece of unwanted litter, garbage,discarded plastic and broken glass bottle adds to the irreversible damage caused to area where it is done. 
This monsoons, let us not just be mute spectators, let us act to make a difference.

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