Saturday, August 23, 2014

Village outposts near fringe forest farms

it is such small village outposts bar homestead plantations and agriculture plots near fringe forests that are the first line of defence/caution in cases of human wildlife interactions. While in some cases these lead to conflict especially when large ungulates like Gaur and Sambar enter into areas where there are standing crops, in most cases the presence of humans at night do help in keeping away wildlife.
Our teams endeavour has been to observe this process and its effectiveness and wherever possible suggest some measures that can enhance and safeguard both the farmers as well as wildlife.
It has been an uphill task but nevertheless there has been some limited success after trial and error.


Shilpa Avate said...

Very genuine concern in part of human as well as animals, we as readers would like to read more details in terms of measures you and your team is taking to handle such situations.It would be really helpful if you post some more information as and when you get the results positive or negative, just to understand in a better way the complexity of such situations and expertise you and your team using here.

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