Wednesday, July 30, 2008

appreciating lesser known life forms

am updating from the field....and feels wierd, to squat amongst the mountains overlooking monsoonal waterfalls and green scapes and logging into this cyberspace...seem to be getting images of mating insects-tortoise bettles and angled castor butterflies and blue mormon butterflies and short horned grasshoppers, etc etc.

i am at 750msl and its pouring heavily out here in the mahdei search for the hill keelback continues in the streams around here...more on this later...for now it is but important to note the role of these lesser known creatures in the forest ecosystems and acknowledge their presence by way of appreciation and conservation. the need to conserve these creatures is as important as conserving the tiger or the elephant...and this is the essence of wildlife conservation in Goa and in India as well.

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