Monday, July 21, 2008

Devastation in Mahdei Bio region.
The devastation caused due to the so called development projects in the Mahdei Bio region is irreversible and is pushing mega fauna like the tiger, leopard and Indian gaur that use the region as a corriodor to the brink of local extinction. And whilst large mammals sightings have reduced drastically, lesser known fauna have not even be catalouged or documented in a proper manner in the region. the devastation caused by the Charavne irrigation project on the fringes of the mahdei wildlife sanctuary of Goa and that by the Virdi irrigation project of Maharashtra is massive in scale and by way of impacts too. Besides which the Mahdei Diversion and Damming project of the Karnataka state has already had its impacts felt in the forests of Kankumbi and beyond. there is an urgent need to voice opinions and conserve what remains of these forests of the Mahdei bio region that span the states of Goa-Karnataka-Maharashtra.

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