Saturday, August 2, 2008

July- meeting up with wildlife pals.

The month of July was well spent, the highlights being various outdoor trips with pals, acquaintances and fellow researchers in the field.That the monsoons around this of the wilds, the Mahdei region in particular and the state of Goa in general helped me and my fellow wildlifer friends see the diversity of this region at its peak was not only a blessing but a signal as well, that these forests were under constant threat and required serious work in terms of wildlife research as well as creating awareness amongst the masses.
July was a time when Jerry Martin and his group of herp speccialists drove down to Chorla, from agumbe, and amidst pit vipers and travancore wolf snakes and caecilians, we spoke of long term cconservation initiatives that would transcend into a sound foundation for our upcoming Conservation and Research facility in the chorla ghats.
With Prerna singh bindra, acclaimed wildlife journalist and close friend dropping by for monsoonal vist of the Mahdei region and a trip to Cotigao-had me all rambling into some of the best wlidlfe locales in the state. Paresh was at his best-as usual!his work in Cotigao with the communities as well for the sanctuary is amazing to say the least and it does speak for itself. our trip to the Kuske waterfalls was a stark reminder that places like these exist in our forests that are unique and yet very delicate in nature....places that need the efforts of officers like paresh and journalists like prerna to come together for their protection and conservation.
July also saw the visit of S Karthikeyan i.e. karthik to us all, an iconic researcher and naturalist for all those who love small things in the wild...butterflies, beetles, spiders etc. A visit to Bondla and then to the Mahdei with Karthik revealed species of insects and arachnidae that i had never ever observed before and made me stare in awe at natures rich tapestry of colors and shapes. alongwith his wife Priya, we not only managed to get a staggering diversity of plant hoppers and bettles, we also caught up on activities related to eco tourism and need for proper documentation!
And with chance meetings with Parag Rangnekar, the author of Butterflies of Goa and a dear pal, with Ajay Gramopadhaye (ex education officer of WWF Goa) and Bhai Kerkar, July was a month of intense discussion, lots of learning experiance and of course field trips where I was not only able to marvel at the creatures of the Western ghats but also note and document their importance in our lives.
With the beginning of August, and Nagapanchami just around the corner, I hope this month too is packed with fieldwork and research oreineted visits....keep the faith.

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Shilpa Avate said...

I have started reading your blog from last few days. Started reading from its inception, i.e 2008 and I must admit that it is very informative.Today I have finished reading year 2008 and I am looking forward to go through the chapters of 2009 and further. Please keep writing.