Monday, August 11, 2008

Nagpanchami at keri

this year like every year, i celebrated or rathar attended the nagpanchami festival at Rajendra kerkar(Bhai's) pla

ce.The only difference being the fact that this time around i was asked, actually ordered to perform the puja to the snake motiff and idol by Bhai's mother 'Aai', something which i could not say no to...

for someone who does not believe in idol worship and rituals, this was a diffcult situation, but well, the cobra is known as the flagship species of snakes, and i went ahead and did the puja- was helped alot by the family on a step by step basis as i had never done this before!

and well, it was worth every effort as the post puja lunch was fabulous, and amidst discussions ranging from conservation to folk culture and history, Bhai being the treasure trove of knowledge...i had one of the best Nagpanchami pujas ever. this image was taken by sonal, who not only gave good company but helpedd freeze images of the festival in the villages of keri and morlem too!

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