Monday, November 3, 2008

Creating appreciation for lesser known life forms is now more than a hobby for is a cause and insects, reptiles and arcachnids feature mostly on my must see list every time i ramble into some forests either in the Western Ghats or in my backyard of nerul and betim near the coast of Goa. it is this journey and its various natural facets, of discovering smaller creatures with myriad hues and colors, shapes and habits that fascinate my being and continue to inspire me to freeze images of the biodiversity that we inherit from our older genration, and have to conserve for our future one. The need of the hour is to create appreciation for all life forms, big and small and bring about a change in one's way of thinking towards fellow creatures and their habitats. This will not only help us realize that we are a small part of the web of life but will also help us reach out to wildlife and their habitats that are today in grave danger of being altered or irreversibly destroyed in the name of development and economic progress.

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Shilpa Avate said...

Nirmal, this particular post of yours have changed whole lot of my perspective towards wildlife. Thanks for making me aware of these lovely creatures who are as important as other bigger fauna of the jungle, like big cats,birds, we normal people unknowingly get more attracted to! Thanks!