Friday, December 12, 2008

Invitation for the Goa State Level Workshop on
Western Ghats/Sahyadri

Do the Western Ghats have a future?

The Save Western Ghats Campaign has faded into history. The pressure on Sahyadri Mountatin range is enormous, with a looming threat of destruction of the remaining greenery of this mountain range; we need to act with urgency to save the Western Ghats.

· Recognized as one of the 18 biodiversity hotspots in the world, the Western Ghats in south-western India is not only the most important and picturesque ecosystems but one that is gateway to the monsoons in the sub-continent. However, the manner in which this region has been exposed to unprecedented destruction in the recent past belies its ecological significance as also the social and economic lives of the people.

· Not long ago, however, the region had posted one of the greatest successes in ecological activism by restoring the Silent Valley to its pristine beauty. It had reflected the testimony of the people’s resilience and the effort to conserve the dwindling natural resources.

· The numerous actions on the ground as well as hundreds of academic papers produced on the Western Ghats are a clear indicator of the crucial role it plays in the lives of people in the region, and in sustaining the life-support system in the entire sub-continent. In Goa the remaining forests is threatened by mining and tourism lobby.

· Yet, in the present policy framework has restricted the ecological continuum to respective state boundaries, making it vulnerable to divisive actions and exploitation. The challenge therefore is to bring the Western Ghats into the mainstream of public policy agenda, for developing a holistic vision for conservation of the natural resources in the Western Ghats.

In order to discuss these and related issues, we have already organized a series of state level Tamil Nadu ,Kerala, Karnataka,and now plan to hold a
workshop in Goa.

Your presence as well as your suggestions will go a long way in helping us to evolve an action plan to save the Western Ghats. Please do come and participate in the workshop.

The objective of the meeting:

1 To discuss the issues which are threatening the Western Ghats in Goa

2 To evolve strategies for policy changes in favor of conservation of resources in Western Ghats in individual

3 To probe the possibilities for re-launching of the Save Western Ghats Campaig

4Evolving an Action Plan for future.

Date : December 17, 2008
Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM (Lunch will be provided at the venue)

Participants who are in need of travel expenses (bus fare) to attend the workshop will be reimbursed.
This meeting is organized by Appiko/Chipko Movement/ (Sirsi, Karnataka) with support from organizations working for Western Ghats.
Please confirm your participation by email or by phone to:

Pandurang Hegde Email: or

Mob 9448818099

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