Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snake Rescue Volunteers In Goa

The WILDGOA SNAKE HANDLERS LIST compiled by Clinton VAz is real handy and hence this post.

Don't panic if you see a snake. As you know now, not all of them are poisonous.
If you cannot identify it, don't kill it. Instead, call one of the volunteers listed
below. There are over 40 volunteers all over Goa that will that will come
immediately, catch the snake and release it back into the wild. Some of these
volunteers will request for a small fee to cover fuel expenses.
Volunteer N GO Area Contact
Sainath Shirodkar GFD All Goa 9422062880/ 2265772
RFO - Campal GFD North Goa 2228772/ 2229701
Aaron Fernandes GCR North Goa 9850560560
Sanket Naik VEA Pernem 9421239791
Amrut Singh ARS Bicholim 9422062503/ 2363803
Anand Dalvi ARS Bicholim 9923528080
Vivek Parodkar VEA Sattari, Bicholim 9423600333/ 2369387
Deepak Gawas VEA Satteri, Bicholim 9421248643
Kedar Kanekar ARS Satteri, Bicholim 9324857453
Chandrakant Shinde VEA Sattari, Bicholim 9420159497
Sagar Kambli GCR Bardez, Tiswadi 9823937930
Mario Fernandes GCR Bardez, Tiswadi 9923667665
Anand Melekar ARS Satteri 9764681913
Sunil Korajkar GCR Bardez 9822123042/ 2253715
Rahul Alvares --- Bardez 9326115883/ 2278740
Nitin Sawant WWF Bardez 9822483535/ 9823915208/ 2414278
Oldrin Pereira NNC Bardez 9850450120
Arnold Noronha VEA Bardez 9420685641
Ramesh Zamekar VEA Bardez 9923306455
Sharad Chari NNC Bardez 2293193
Mario Cavallari ARS Bardez 9822166175
RFO - Bondla GFD Ponda 2610022
Surel Tilve ARS Ponda 9422058590/ 2335078
Dilip Naik --- Ponda 9823229378/ 2316492
Kamlakant Parab PFA Ponda 9822130598/ 3207920
Dilesh Hazare ARS Ponda 9422453437/ 2340609
RFO - Margao GFD South Goa 2750246
Julio Quadros --- South Goa 9822152010
Sudan Naik ARS Mormugao, Salcete 9822387347/ 2550898
Pankaj Lad VEA Salcete 9372109987/ 2751308
Neelam Khomarpant GCR Salcete 9822123868/ 9822123042
Philip Fernandes --- Salcete 9822986505
Clinton Vaz WLG Salcete 9890936828/ 2736828
RFO Mollem GFD Sanguem 2612211
Satish Poinguinkar ARS Canacona 9421244555/ 9823134465/ 2641510
Paresh Porob GFD Canacona 9822157139
GFD: Goa Forest Department, VEB: Vivekananda Environmental Awareness Brigade, ARS:
Animal Rescue Squad, GCR: Green Cross, PFA: People for Animals, WWF: World Wildlife Fund,
NNC: Nisarga Nature Club, WLG: WildGoa
Version 3.0, Updated on 26.11.2007 Volunteer names and numbers verified, checked & compiled by Clinton Vaz for
WildGoa, a nonprofit e-group of Wildlife enthusiasts in Goa. Join the group for free at

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