Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Green Valley Clean up

After a very interesting and informative talk on Garbage management by the Waste
Consultant, Clinton Vaz, organized at Earthworm, your neighborhood ecostore, on 21st
May at 7: 00 p.m., the actual cleanup was undertaken by a small but enthusiastic group on Sunday 24th May.

The Group comprising of residents and non residents of Green Valley met at 8: a.m., put
on their yellow cleanup gloves, picked up cartons and sacks to collect garbage in and set
off to start collection.
The areas/street outside Rochelle’s home were tackled by Rochelle, Rashmi and Rhea;
the areas around Bhobhe Residency was covered by Kenneth and young Christopher (who did a fantastic job of picking and carrying heavily laden carton of junk) and Amit; The
Vergese kids, Ethan and Amanda (despite their late arrival the night before from their
holiday, jumped in to help) along with Devdatta and Madhura took on the far end of
Green Valley.
Roopa cleaned up around Earthworm area and Nirmal helped some and then
photographed, delegated and strolled everywhere surveying the area and preparing the
next plan of action! Ahmed the garbage contractor of Panaji municipality and his helper
came from Panaji to go into the deeper parts to collect garbage, segregated it and
packed off the garbage collected.

We found
Loads of plastic…unlike popular notion that ‘someone from outside dumps the stuff’ we realized that most of the garbage came from the residents itself.
Thermacole, plastic bags, plastic bottles were found and surprisingly each group found loads of dumped broken/unbroken glass bottles.
Loads of Garbage was seen dumped at the corners of roads.. under the bridge was littered so heavily and so deep that it would take a whole 2 weekends to make it look even a bit more presentable.
MOSTLY, We all realized that the TWO HOURS WERE NOT SUFFICIENT to clean up Green Valley. We decided that a task well started should not be left half done!
So……We would like to continue our clean up for the next 3 consecutive Sundays too. And then on a monthly basis. The Timings remain the same 8:00 a.m. to 10 a.m. Please do join in … More hands make clean work.

Please do not forget to thank Kenneth, Rochelle, the Vergese kids and Christopher for giving you a cleaner surrounding!! Thanks to Rhea, Devdatta, Madhura, Amit, and Rashmi who do not live in Green Valley but have helped clean it up for us.

How you can contribute to Keeping Your Valley Clean

Do not litter around your residential area (in particular) and Green Valley(in general) and please do not be passive if you see anybody else littering and request them to pick up their garbage.

Pick up any garbage you see lying around whist going for walks. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Worst still, do not tolerate or get used to seeing it around you. ( you can come and pick up a set of gloves from earthworm for this exercise)

Separate your wet (biodegradable) waste from your dry waste (non biodegradable) that is paper, plastic, thermacole, tetra pack, glass. All these can be separated AT SOURCE that is in your home right at the time of discarding itself. The good news is even the smallest bit of plastic, paper etc. can be sent for recycling if put away neatly.

Do not burn your waste (biodegradable or non biodegradable) especially plastics as they release toxins which we all inhale.

Compost your biodegradable waste. There are many ways of doing this. You can visit Earthworm for solutions/suggestions for composting.

Sensitize your hired help not to throw your household garbage in the valley. Tell them about the Green Valley Residents Cleanup.

To know how to send your dry waste for recycling please call earthworm, we can give you telephone numbers of waste collectors to come and collect your separated dry garbage from your home on a weekly/monthly basis.

Join us in our clean up whenever you can. It keeps the spirits up and keeps all of us motivated, especially the kids who have jumped to the cause.

Please contact us at Earthworm 9766358343/ 2410871 to find ways to contribute to Keeping Green Valley clean.
Or email us
264/79 (2) 1st Floor, Green Valley, Alto Porvorim, Bardez, Goa- 403521

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