Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big Goenkar Awards distributed

Rajendra Kerkar is Big Goenkar 2009: Environmentalist Rajendra Kerkar, who is vying to save the Mhadei river and to have tiger corridor in Goa, has won the Gera Big Goenkar Award 2009, for his work towards environment. In the business category Blaise Costabir received the award for initiating router-modelling business in Goa. The Gera Concerned Citizen away was bagged by Prajal Sakardande for his contribution in the field of history and also for voicing out concerns of Goa. Ecologist and wild life photographer, Nirmal Kulkarni, for is work towards discovering the unknown wild side of Goa and protecting it, won the Big Green Champion Award. Student Natalie D’Silva won the Gera Big Innovation Award for discovering bacteria that can generate electricity

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