Saturday, June 16, 2012

 Dear all,The Rains are here and it time to head to the field for surveys, nature walks and wildlife outings. This also means the emergence of leeches, forest species of mosquitoes and other insects that can be worrisome especially in south India forests.
We work with a self-help group that has created an effective and simple design of a pair of LEECH SOCKS that protect your feet from leeches whilst in the field. Alternatively they can be used as TICK SOCKS’ in the in the summers.
Worn over field trousers, they prevent unnecessary leech and mosquito bites. They are a free size design and hence can be used by anybody from children to adults and by trekkers, field naturalists and researchers alike.
I have used them in the field and find them really practical and useful.They are available for a cost of Rs 220/- per pair.
 Do email me on if anybody is interested in the same.

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Adithya Biloor said...


We are looking for anti leech socks. You still selling them? What would be the cost?


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