Monday, June 11, 2012

Dear all,
A Save the Bull Frog poster was released at a simple function by renowned herpetologist Romulus Whitaker at the Swapnagandha Resort at Chorla Ghats. Shri Rajendra Kerkar, Goan environmentalist and Shri Gerry Martin, herpetologist of The Gerry Martin Project were also present on the occasion along with volunteers, research students and amphibian enthusiasts.
The poster has been conceptualized by Nirmal Kulkarni, a Goan herpetologist and promoter of Herpactive in co ordination with the Mhadei Research Center and aims to raise awareness on the Indian Bull Frog. It is meant for free distribution in schools, educational institutions, panchayats and other public spaces
The Mhadei Research Center has been established to provide a platform for wildlife researchers to document and study the biodiversity of the Mhadei Bio region that encompasses the states of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. It is also part of the Indian Rainforest Research Station network and is in the forefront of herpetofauna research in the region.
Herpactive is an initiative by Nirmal Kulkarni, herpetologist and wildlife photographer to create awareness and instill appreciation for Herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians) of Goa in particular and the country in general.
Herpactive promotes the science of field herpetology by conducting walks, surveys, training workshops and field technique sessions for budding herp- enthusiasts as well as serious students of mainstream science.
This Poster has been sponsored by BMX Charities Toronto trust ( St Brittos- St Mary’s and St Xaviers alumni trust) Canada and is aimed at spreading awareness amongst youth as well as adults in the state. It has important phone numbers of the Goa Forest Department, facts of Bull frogs and steps to conserve local populations.
It has been designed by Akanksha Ashutosh and has images by Sachin Rai and Ajith Unnikrishnan in it.
We need support for distribution of these posters across the state of Goa and do let us know if anyone can help. Contact for details.
Nirmal Kulkarni.

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