Friday, June 13, 2014

Promoting eco conscious tourism in Goa in its true sense

The government has been talking of promoting hinterland tourism recently, but most of the plans seem to revolve around concrete, building infrastructure and development. This approach is rather contrary to the entire concept of eco or hinterland tourism.
The concept as we all know is low-key eco conscious promotion of spots for natural or cultural and historical value. This is the essence of eco tourism and needs to be followed. Use of natural low impact materials, involvement and capacity building of local community and highlighting of landscapes and sites of natural interest for education and relaxation to discerning eco tourists are key factors. The Govt needs to use expertise within the state for promoting new areas for hinterland and eco tourism as these areas are also within the Protected area network and need careful planning. The need of the hour is to firstly understand that hinterland or eco tourism is a niche form of tourism and cannot be executed and practiced by the regular system and norms that Goa’s mass tourism follows.

The Government must bring on board all existing eco tourism entrepreneurs by firstly identifying them and then creating a network that can further develop skill sets as well as promote the concept in Goa in its true sense.