Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wildlife Week 2015

A meeting with old team members and new ones as well as held at Hypnale Research Station Kuveshi on account of Wildlife week. Interactions with local Forest watchmen, school children and the village elders on various issues were held along with team member Vaibhav Kandalgaonkar.

Took a talk for the Sattari Headmasters Association on the occasion of Wildlife Week 2015. Interactions regarding human wildlife conflicts, stress to create consciousness amongst living with wildlife for children were held. The aspects of Snake bite protocol as well as dispelling of old myths regarding snakes and other reptiles were also covered. It was a good session as Headmasters from over 15 schools participated in the session.

Dear Team members and patrons,
The Goan Jungle Book is my attempt to bring together a collection of some articles and notes I have written for local newspapers and publications, which detail my several sojourns through the forests in and around Goa, and reflect my concerns as an ecologist and activist. 

Aimed at  youth in particular and the interested nature loving individual in general, these essays offer just a tiny glimpse of the teeming jungles of Goa - where creatures big and small thrive in habitats that are unexplored and seldom appreciated. It is now in its second reprint.

This mail is a request and an appeal- to purchase 10 copies of 'The Goan Jungle Book' and support a part of our field work that is carried on with funds generated from the same. 

Each set of 10 books costs Rs 3000/- (Rs 300/- per book) . These make excellent birthday gifts or souvenirs for young adults as well as for personal libraries and as return gifts. Moreover, I promise to sign every copy if one wishes so…and delivery is by speed post at our expense.

Do please let me know if anyone is interested.
thanks and cheers