Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vagheri hills in Chorla Ghats.

The Vagheri hills in Chorla Ghats is part of the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary. It is a proposed tiger reserve and the hill too is named after the tiger. 'Vagh' means tiger in local language. The road that leads to belgaum passes through Chorla Ghats and the Anjunem reservoir flanks the hills and valleys on one side. The entire region is a confirmed large cat habitat and is also part of the Western Ghats landscape. The forests here are the catchment area of the Valvanti and Haltar rivers amongst others and provide water to villages in Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra.
As an ecologist I have walked and driven in these parts for more than a decade now and yet every single time I do so I see and experience something new. It is truly a World heritage site and needs protection of the highest order.

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